It has been reported this week that the nation is turning away from sugary treats and snacks looking instead to healthy alternatives. According to research there has been an 18.2% increase in sales of healthy snacks, including yoghurts, juices and dried fruit since 2011. Furthermore, a recent Euromonitor poll has found that 47% of consumers prefer to eat food with little or no added sugar demonstrating the nations continuing demand for reduced sugar and all-natural food and drink options.

Governing bodies such as Public Health England has helped push the healthy eating agenda by making it easier for shoppers to source the sugar content in their food and drink purchases. As a response many brands have responded by re-developing their recipes to minimise the amount of re-find and processed sugars. This year it has been announced that a sugar tax will be introduced on high sugar fizzy drinks increasingly encouraging consumers to consider healthier alternatives.

At Palm PR we work with a number of disruptive brands that are successfully redefining the healthy snack market for the modern, health-conscious consumer. Palm PR launched the UK’s first coconut milk yoghurt brand, CO YO, offering the nation an all-natural, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free alternative to yoghurts and creams. CO YO includes a whole coconut in every 100g of yoghurt, making it the most delicious way to enjoy the exceptional health and beauty benefits of this miraculous drupe. The full CO YO range is free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and added sugar ensuring its family or products remain an all-natural delicious treat meeting the growing demand for healthy and refine sugar free products.

Palm PR has also just helped launch the UK’s first and only whole vegetable blend brand Roots Collective. Made from over 80% pure veggies with no added juice, Roots Collective has redefined the on-the-go savoury snack market with a totally new and fresh offering with a super clean raw ingredient deck.  A more substantial rival to the green-juice trend, not only can it be enjoyed straight from the bottle, but can also be used as a salad dressing, sauce, heated up and eaten as a soup, or even used as part of a recipe.

As the media continues to focus on the growing concerns of high sugar content in food and drink products, there will continue to be new brands launching in the market offering healthier alternatives.