Hospitality venues primarily function as a place for people to gather, to share and of course, break bread together even through hard times.

In our history, they have always remained open, through financial crashes, through two wars (who doesn’t know the story of Cafe de Paris, hit by two bombs in 1941, blowing the head off ‘Snakehips’ Johnson who was performing that night, but still some guests just moved onto the next bar to continue their revelry), through terrorist attacks and extreme weather.

But Coronavirus has shut them all down. Suddenly all those good things that hold us together – community, connection and sharing – has become something that can put public health at risk, which we must protect.

There have been many heartfelt calls to the public to support the Hospitality industry at this time. It has never been more important.

Still order from your favourite restaurants if they offer delivery services. And still try new ones. You’ll want a change from your own stock-cupboard cooking from time to time.

And when you order, probably from an app and not directly to the restaurant, take a moment to think about the people who are making your food. Because in this digital world, it’s all too easy to forget the makers.

Palm has worked with the Hospitality industry for over a decade. We love it because of the total passion, the creativity and the magic when a restaurant or bar is abuzz with guests, service is flowing and plate after plate of beautiful things are coming out of the kitchen.

It will come back – places will reopen and our hope is that when they do, we will all have a renewed appreciation for the way in which restaurants serve our communities, for the dedication and passion of the staff and the creativity of the people behind the bar and in the kitchen.

So for now, support your restaurants, still order deliveries, buy gift vouchers, merch – and we’ll hopefully be able to raise a glass together back in our favourite spot sooner rather than later.

Find out about how Palm is helping the hospitality industry back on its feet with The Recovery Collective