Brits are predicted to spend more on Easter in 2017 than ever before. With John Lewis reporting a ‘23 percent increase in Easter spending on last year’[1]  and IDagency stating ‘Easter is worth £500million to UK retailers’[2], innovative brands should be looking to capitalise on the lucrative potential of this season and reap their own Easter rewards.

According to retail footfall analyst Springboard, in the weeks preceding Easter ‘UK retail footfall increased by 1.2 per cent, breaking a six-month decline, even though spending was hit by rising inflation and general economic uncertainty.’[3]

The British public are clearly still willing to spend on the country’s second largest holiday and brands looking to jump on the Easter spend should, in turn, feel confident. Christmas is no longer the only season to indulge.

This Easter, Artisan confectioner Choc on Choc ( will stand out from the crowd with inventive products such as the Chocolate ‘Pineapple’ and ‘Coconut’ and the ‘Chocolate Hot Choc Buns’.  The Bath-based brand offers an interesting – and hugely popular – alternative to traditional chocolate eggs and caters to an increasingly discerning and adventurous customer.

Whether a brand is Easter specific or not, it is enormously positive to see that despite an uncertain economic future, Brit’s continue to display an appetite to indulge. Retailers and business owners should rejoice at these Easter predictions for 2017, which will hopefully defy the uncertainty and set the precedent for the coming financial year.

Easter offers brands the opportunity to launch new products and campaigns that relate to the season. The predicted statistics for Easter spending in 2017 should spur brands to tap into the increasingly lucrative earning potential. Those who do so will be set to cash in over the holiday period which is swiftly beginnig to rival Christmas.

[1] Talib Choudhry, “How to crack Easter style.” The Daily Telegraph, Style and Features [London] 7th April 2017 pg.19