How to get the best out of your communications campaign, so it can really ‘move the needle’ on your business.

At Palm, we specialise in food and drink, as well as travel and hospitality communications. Our clients vary, from those with a wealth of marketing experience to innovative start-ups, entirely new to the world of PR.

We always walk them through the Palm strategic process, which ensures the PR campaign we undertake for them is effective. This can be summarised in five key points below:

Know your business objectives. PR shouldn’t operate in a bubble – your comms team should be clear on the business’ long-term and short-term ambitions, from positioning and awareness to commercial goals.

Be clear on your target audience. This is absolutely essential to ensure an effective PR and Influencer Marketing campaign. Getting under the skin of your target demographics, understanding what they read, watch, listen to and take influence from, will inform the target media for the comms campaign. Without knowing this, press coverage may be achieved that will never be read or seen by your audience, meaning a waste of resource.

Keep it measurable. Once you know your audience and the publications and media that they read, the next step is to ensure the PR campaign has clear, measurable results. Over the last decade at Palm, we have built a system to ensure that we meet KPIs on each client’s individual business in a clear and accountable way, tiering publications’ value in terms of their relevance to the business objectives and audience profiles.

Plan ahead…and be spontaneous! A good PR campaign will plan ahead, in line with the longest lead publication (three months) so that no media opportunities are missed – but it will also stay flexible to allow for business changes and last-minute opportunities. There are also those unplanned moments that can be all-important in a PR campaign: a dish that starts trending on TikTok, a news story that is relevant to ‘piggy-back’, or a government announcement that affects your business. In order to be seen as a brand with personality, alive with ideas and values, being able to jump on these unplanned stories is key.

Evaluate and learn. A good reporting structure is essential to ensure you’re keeping on top of progression, as well as taking some key learnings into account. Palm provides a full evaluation at the end of each quarter to review the objectives and results we set out to achieve, and how we did against these targets.

If you want to discuss more about how to plan a PR campaign with the team, get in touch on and we would be happy to offer a complimentary consultation for your food, drinks, travel or hospitality business. We look forward to hearing from you!