Global market research firm Mintel has released their 2030 Global Food and Drink Trends report. They have identified three future-looking trends that offer the food and drink industry an opportunity to get ahead of the curve. We’ve summarised them below:


Change, Incorporated

Here Mintel suggest that successful companies will be those that improve the health of the planet and its population. As consumers become more mindful of consumption and ethics, they will expect companies to be the forces of change in addressing these issues.

Companies that do this successfully will be those that consumers are loyal to. Mintel suggests taking an activist approach, championing people and the planet over profit. Companies need to be clear and transparent on their impact on the planet, and work with governments and NGOs to make tangible progress.


Smart Diets

Mintel’s second trend looks at how technology will allow hyper-individualised approaches to physical and mental health, suggesting that companies that can help consumers gather, understand and act on their data will find success.

Consumer choice will be increasingly driven by easily accessible personal data, and so consumers will be looking for the convenience of personalised recommendations and advice, using the results of their data collection to modify their lives and improve the planet. They will be looking for companies to help them understand and act on their data to improve their lifestyle, and in doing so will allow companies an even deeper understanding of their consumption habits.


High-tech Harvests

The third and final trend relates to food tech, with Mintel predicting that consumer trust in food science will strengthen as they recognise its importance in protecting the environment and our food supplies.

The big challenge for food companies is introducing and communicating the advantages of these high-tech solutions to laymen as it becomes increasingly essential to the global supply chain.

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