Despite the fact that we are already more than halfway through the year, it seemed the right time to think about 2020 marketing trends in the wake of so much disruption from Covid-19.

When planning our food, drink, restaurant or hotel PR and Digital communication campaigns, we have had to embrace an awful lot of “pivoting” to ensure that our agency is ahead of the curve for this brave new world.

The rest of the year may be more difficult to predict than ever before but we have already seen some huge changes in marketing, PR and Digital as a direct result of the pandemic, that marks trends which are here to stay.

Here’s three key trends that we believe should be factored into the marketing mix for the rest of this year:

  • Beyond Millennials: Marketeers have been rather obsessed with Millennials over the past few years but as this group has now peaked as a percentage of the adult population, it’s time to start broadening our PR and Digital demographic horizons. Gen Z (those born 1995 to 2010) are more digitally savvy, more diverse than any previous generation. We have also seen a tremendous increase in the older generation becoming tech savvy during the lockdown period, engaging socially more online and certainly shopping more online. It’s time to also consider the grey pound in your marketing mix!
  • Reconnection with Consumers: As brands have innovated and digital shopping and interaction has boomed, we are seeing how companies are understanding their audience’s needs on a deeper level. With the rise in technology, consumers expect seamless service, quick turnarounds and deeply personalised and tailored marketing campaigns. The companies who are doing this right are building the most invaluable campaigns, which are fostering consumer loyalty and referrals.
  • Showing Purpose: Data from the last few months have shown that consumers expect more from brands than ever before. Ethics and social responsibility both to the world around us and also in internal staff policies are important to consumers when choosing a brand. And so being clear on your mission statement and showing a commitment to causes you believe in are driving purchasing choices and loyalty alignments.