Influencer Marketing is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness online.

Influencer marketing allows brands to reach key target audiences, as well as tap in to new communities on those platforms. It can also help improve brand advocacy, and of course drive sales for your business.

As an Influencer Marketing agency in London, Palm knows that the key to a successful campaign is working with the right influencers – those who align with your company’s values, and have engaged followers that fit with your own demographic profiles. This will help cement and elevate your brand positioning and needs to be a key consideration, as a ‘scatter gun’ approach to influencer marketing can easily have the opposite effect and devalue a brand. Palm spends time researching each influencer that we partner with a brand, often meeting them face to face, or if not, on Zoom before committing to working together.

But why is influencer marketing so impactful? The short answer is, that a recommendation from a creator that is liked and trusted, is more powerful than direct brand comms. Imagine a friend telling you first-hand, how amazing a hotel, or product is – over an advert from the brand itself. 61% of consumers said they trusted an influencer’s recommendation and just 38% said they trust brand social content.

If you have a food and drink, travel or hospitality business then influencer marketing should be an essential part of your mix. In 2020, the most popular influencer category was ‘Lifestyle’, followed by Travel, then Food & Drink.

If you’re looking to increase brand equity, strategic influencer marketing is a great space to play in. However, driving bookings or sales is also a key part of the ROI. As many as 8 in 10 users have purchased a product after being recommended it on a social media platform.

As an industry with such a strong return on investment for businesses, it’s no surprise that marketers are planning to increase their spend in this sector next year in 2023.

If you want to discuss your influencer marketing campaign with our specialist team, get in touch on and we would be happy to offer a complimentary consultation for your food, drinks, travel or hospitality business. We look forward to hearing from you!