An effective PR strategy means a communications plan that delivers on your business’ unique objectives. At Palm, we don’t believe in a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to public relations, digital or influencer marketing. Instead, setting the right foundations for any campaign is as important as the implementation. That means understanding the commercial and brand objectives, the target demographics and the market sector. It needs to take into account ‘ever green’ activity with a robust always-on press office, along with tactical activations that might tap into seasonal moments or more spontaneous trending themes. 


As a PR and influencer marketing agency, an effective comms strategy needs to be at the heart of everything we do. 


Here’s a simple checklist to ensure your PR plan works for your food, drink, hospitality or travel business: 

1. Be clear on your commercial objectives. Marketing objectives can’t exist in a vacuum – it’s important to share your short- and long-term business targets with your PR team, so that they can create a compelling plan that supports your specific growth model.  


2. Understand your target audience. PR and Influencer marketing will never be effective if it is not laser focused on the demographics your brand needs to reach. Whether PR for food and drink, hospitality or travel, it’s essential to build out profiles for both your consumer and industry decision makers. And crucially then use these as a benchmark to sense check all activity. Palm recommends having no more than three demographic or psychographic profiles for each campaign to increase cut through and efficacy.  


3. Measure the results. At Palm, we create clear and measurable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for targeted press output that are measured each quarter and enshrined in our contracts. Our KPIs are aligned with the publications, influencers or content that your specific target audience values, for the most aligned and effective results possible. 


4. Use the press results as a sales tool. There’s two main uses for PR and Influencer output. Organic is when consumers or decision makers spot an article or post and take action. The second value we really recommend our clients extract, comes from proactive use of the PR articles to open doors and conversation starters with decision makers, EG: retailers (PR for food companies) or landlords (PR in hospitality industry).  

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