The first in our guest post series, Young Foodies is Palm PR & Digital agency’s strategic partner.

Young Foodies foster a thriving community of more than 1,000 high-growth challenger food and drink brands, providing them with specialised business services to help them reach the next level.

Here they share some of the latest news and insights pertinent to this community, as well as NPD news and gossip…


NPD & Gossip

According to a study by Strong Roots around 6.5 million people in the UK are unable to afford or access enough fruit and vegetables to have healthy, balanced diets.

Brexit disruption could result in almost 30 lorries of food going to waste every day, costing the industry at least £170m. According to internal analysis at Defra, if the ‘worst-case scenario’ at the ports occurred up to 140,000 tonnes of food, feed and drink may go to waste in the next six months.

According to data from Google Adwords, vegan-related searches on Google increased by 47% in 2020.

British company The Tofoo Co has launched the UK’s first frozen tofu product – known as Tofoo Chunkies.

Bio & Me has secured a listing in Sainsbury’s for three of its gut-friendly granolas

Fuel10k has joined forces with FareShare to donate 500k porridge pots to Brits in need over the course of February.

Ice cream brand Little Moons has seen sales surge 700% at Tesco in the past week after it went viral on TikTok.

Minor Figures has launched a range of barista-quality canned coffee and tea drinks in the US.

Proper has joined forces with Eat Real as PE firm Exponent takes a majority stake in the healthy snacking business. A new company combining Proper and Eat Real will be created under a new joint CEO.

Kraft Heinz has revealed plans for a “Beanz liberation exercise” which will see the brand expand into a swathe of new categories, including frozen.


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