In 2023, Natasha Hargan joined Nobu Hotel London Shoreditch as General Manager! We can’t wait for you to get to know her! Hargan, has an impressive 15 years’ experience in hospitality, and is responsible for the ongoing success of the hotel. She joined the Nobu family from her previous role as GM at St Martins Lane London where she managed a 180-strong team.

  1. When did you realise you wanted to get into the hotel industry?

The hotel world was a wonderful accident for me, it was never in my plan but became an obsession that I couldn’t give up.


  1. What are your pet peeves when staying at other hotels?

Connecting through service is key so I am disappointed if this doesn’t happen.


  1. What’s your dream hotel breakfast?

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, any variation on eggs usually keeps me very happy.


  1. Are there any key travel trends you’re loving at the moment?

I love how sustainable travel is becoming the expectation rather than the exception


  1. What’s your favourite city to visit and where do you stay?

New York is my go to and I last stayed at Edition, can’t wait until we have a Nobu Hotel there next year!