The Duppy Share

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The Duppy Share ( is an independent and premium, golden Caribbean rum crafted from a blend of world class, oak-aged spirits from the islands of Jamaica and Barbados.

At the forefront of the UK’s premium rum revolution and imbibing the pioneering spirit of its island heritage, The Duppy Share will liven up drinks cabinets with a contemporary offering that brings something completely new to the rum category.

The spirit provides a superior flavour profile, combining the bold, tropical fruit flavours of a fine three year old Jamaican rum with the smooth, oaky notes of an exceptional five year old Barbados rum. Old American oak bourbon barrels give the rum a golden tint and add subtle oaky, caramel flavours.

Designed for sharing, The Duppy Share is on a mission to bring back the ultimate communal cocktail, the punch, stealing a march on the rum revival and updating this classic with contemporary and innovative recipes that are perfect at summer barbecues or rooftop parties.

The Duppy Share can be enjoyed throughout the year, refreshing in the sun and delicious when heated as a winter warmer.

ABV 40%, The Duppy Share is launching exclusively into Selfridges in July 2014