Signal Lager

Food & Beverage

Signal Lager ( is a naturally carbonated, unpasteurised, unfiltered craft lager.

The unique recipe emphasises provenance, ingredients and process, Signal’s craft lager is proud to only contain four all-natural ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast. And that’s it.

Inspired by America’s ‘beer as food’ movement, Signal Lager is redefining the way in which craft lager is perceived in the UK. The brand has set out to reinvent the traditionally bland and over-processed category with its dynamic and premium product, aligned with artisan values.

Unfiltered and unpasteurised for a greater natural flavour, the 4.8% ABV craft lager takes two months to brew and is created in small batches. It is conditioned at near-freezing temperature for long periods of time until brilliant clarity is naturally reached.

Accomplished using a unique concept, ‘Route Seven’, Signal’s craft lager never rises above its optimal serving temperature of 7ºC from conditioning tank to serving glass, resulting in a fresh, smooth finish.

Signal Lager is naturally carbonated, and unlike industrially produced lagers has a mild sweetness without the use of sweetening adjuncts, such as rice and maize: additives which are generally prolific in the UK lager sector. Chemical-free and devoid of yeast aids and flavourings, Signal Lager has a clean and authentic flavour profile.

Signal Lager’s slick, silver packaging also convey the clean, unadulterated product messaging with minimal branding in a stylish, 100% recyclable can. Shunning bottles in favour of cans, Signal Lager is paving the way for environmentally friendly packaging processes within the craft lager sector. Not only are cans cost effective, they also block UV light and contain a dual seam seal which minimises oxygen pickup for better tasting, fresh lager.

The London-based brewery has forged a launch partnership with grill and smoke restaurant and bar, Pitt Cue in their new City location.

Signal Lager’s craft cans (RRP £4.00) are served both at the bar and within the restaurant at Pitt Cue, sharing the brand’s ethos for giving drinks the same level of care and thought as the food.