Beanberry Coffee

Beanberry Coffee ( is the UK’s first and only speciality coffee roaster and retailer fully dedicated to producing the highest quality organic coffee. Its beans can be found in the country’s leading restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels and it has two coffee bars in London; one in Kingston upon Thames and a second opening in Holborn this November 2019.

Beanberry Coffee has a unique vision of quality that combines its focus on delivering great taste with a commitment to the environment and sustainability. Beanberry’s approach to coffee quality encompasses the full circle of coffee fundamentals from cup quality to ethics, sustainability, and the health of growers and consumers alike.

Central to Beanberry’s unique approach is its commitment to being fully organic. Conventionally grown non-organic coffee is one of the most chemically treated agricultural commodities in the world, whilst the coffee grown in accordance with organic practices is ecologically pure and has no traces of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides grown into the beans. Beanberry believes that their coffee therefore not only provides the purity of taste but is also better for everyone’s health and directly encourages sustainability and environmentally friendly organic farming.