It has been widely reported this week that after 80 years of tradition, Cadbury are changing the traditional Roses chocolate twist-off wrappers with a modern sealed alternative.

Cadbury said this step is necessary to improve flavour and experience. The number one complaint for Cadbury Roses in 2014, was the issue of poorly wrapped chocolates tainting the flavour of other chocolates in the tub.

Cadbury marketing manager Claire Low said: ‘Although we appreciate there may be some traditionalists who still love the old twist wrap, it is important to us to ensure that we listen to the majority of our customers and address their issues by delivering Cadbury Roses in the highest quality.’ 

Brits have a huge emotional connect with this product so it’s not surprising that this update has caused some backlash on Twitter.

We are seeing a growing trend in the confectionary category to modernise packaging. Established products including Kit Kat and Caramac have also replaced the traditional foil wrapper and paper sleeves with a contemporary, ergonomic wrapper to align with the lifestyles of today’s consumer.

The food and drink industry has a greater focus than ever on innovation and it is difficult for brands to navigate this environment as they try and keep up with younger competitors whilst leveraging the loyalty they engender from their heritage. 

As the industry maintains this dynamism, it is more important than ever for the biggest brand to show that they are agile enough to respond to changing consumer demands, an area that is moving rapidly thanks to the proliferation of social media.

A successful brands will be able to move with the times and without losings its identity by staying true to its core principles and brand values. If it can successfully combine innovation with heritage then it will provide shoppers with a very compelling position.