What is Funkin?

Funkin Cocktails is a UK brand on a mission to make great tasting cocktails available to all, whenever and wherever they are, so that everyday spontaneous drinking occasions can be elevated to a cocktail moment.

What was the mission?

Announce the launch of Funkin’s new range of Nitro Cocktails to UK Consumer media, positioning the brand as a market leader in RTD innovation, communicating the USPs and points of differentiation of the offering, and driving sales at key retail partners, including Sainsbury’s and ASDA, to support the brand’s distribution strategy.

Articulating a selling point

The campaign needed to effectively articulate a compelling reason for consumers to purchase the products over other offerings in the competitive RTD category.

To achieve this, Palm highlighted the products’ nitrogen infusion, a UK-first for a canned cocktail, and which provided the range with many of its key points of differentiation, such as a velvety texture and bar-shaken quality.

The campaign focussed on communicating these unique attributes, showcasing how the new range was revolutionising the UK’s RTD category, and crucially, the products’ convenience factor, which enabled consumers to elevate everyday drinking occasions to a cocktail moment.

Integrating marketing: setting target demographics

Our number one priority was to ensure that all marketing activations were hitting the same consumers through an integrated campaign.

We undertook detailed data analysis of the target Sainsbury’s and ASDA shoppers in order to build a clear picture of these consumers and their behaviours, online and offline:

We pulled data from the retailers’ customer archetypes to understand the makeup of the individuals buying the products in-store, identifying their age, gender and income bracket.

We ascertained the other brands that these shoppers engaged with to build a picture of their lifestyle characteristics.

We then worked with industry data platforms to ascertain the publications read by these individuals so we reached them through the most engaging public relations outlets.

Business Results

May – September 2019

Palm secured <strong>27</strong> pieces of press and influencer coverage in <strong>5</strong> months, with <strong>10</strong> pieces appearing in national media.

Palm also hosted a <strong>Publishing House Tour at TI Media</strong> to introduce the new range to journalists at publications including <strong>Woman & Home Magazine, Now Magazine, Chat Magazine, Woman’s Weekly Magazine, Woman Magazine, Woman’s Own Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine and Pick Me Up! Magazine.</strong>

What the client said:

“Palm was a great strategic partner for the launch of our Nitro Cocktails, generating excellent coverage across a range of key titles that showcased the unique nature of the offering and leveraged the brand value to helped to increase brand awareness and sales.”