Why are we supporting the plant-based industry and petitioning Trading Standards to allow vegan brands to use dairy-related words? For nearly 15 years, our team have represented brands from every part of the food and drink industry.


We often specialise in campaigns for F&B innovators. Because of this, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with a huge number of businesses from the plant-based market.


Here at Palm, We believe in promoting as much choice as possible in the food and drink industry and believe there should be a level playing field between categories. We also believe that the UK’s vegan food industry is an incredible part of the economy and should be celebrated – it’s a world-leader, generates millions of pounds of revenue a year and promotes more choice for consumers.


We believe that it can live in harmony alongside the rest of the industry, that it’s possible to support both the plant-based and non-vegan parts of the market and that the plant-based industry’s success reinforces the success of all of the UK’s food and drink economy.


Our Mission


That’s why we are petitioning Trading Standards to allow plant-based brands to continue to use dairy-related terms.


We hope that as many brands and individuals from the United Kingdom’s food and drink sector get involved. This way, we’ll be able to affect real change.


Investigative reporting from The Times has shown that Trading Standards is soon to issue guidelines that would prevent brands from using “misspelling[s], homophonic words or non-alphabet symbols” to refer to dairy terms. This would mean that companies will no longer be able to use terms such as “mylk”, “sheese” and “b+tter” that they have used for years to describe their products.


There is no evidence of consumer confusion on this front. Therefore, the changes would achieve little other than to dampen innovation and add costs to businesses already battling rising prices.


Help support the UK’s plant-based industry by signing the petition. Spread the word, display the badge and by ask Trading Standards to keep the status quo. Help us to protect the exciting engine of growth, dynamism and innovation in the food and drink industry.


You can find the petition here