The summer is fast approaching (albeit the UK weather is deceiving), but statistics show that our Generation Zs (aged 16-24 years old) are busy planning their travel itineraries, but with a range of different purposes and unique reasoning behind their destination choices.

It might be due to a lack of gap years and travel during the pandemic, the controversial saying of people requiring credit cards to increase your credit rating, or the idea of ‘set-jetting’ after a long winter of Netflix shows (notably White Lotus) stemming their international travel intrigue, but findings show that Gen Zers seem to head to dream destinations, regardless of the financial impact. According to Copilot, Gen Z consumers in the UK are contributing to a substantial £857 million a week to the hospitality industry, indicating they have the willingness and financial capacity to spend on hospitality and travel, especially to venues and destinations that are popular on social media.

Appearing flushed with cash…maybe, but this doesn’t mean this generation aren’t savvy. They show no loyalty to particular airlines or companies, but shop around to find those trips offering added value, with a check list of ‘freebies’ or known cheap perks when they arrive. This counter balances the investment to Southeast Asia (still a popular destination), when they know they can earn their flight cost back on the reasonable value of food, accommodation and experiences. Safety is another key factor for Gen Zers, which means those dingy cheap hostels of the Millennial generation appear to be superseded by more expensive nicer alternatives.

Of course being eco-friendly and showcasing sustainable and cultural tourism is a high decision maker with Gen Z travellers, alongside flexibility, social media and adventure, but, with the unusual news of Thailand drawing a subset of ink-seeking Gen Z ‘tattourists’, as well as those who want to feel like they are living their on-screen fantasies in real life, we decided to find out what ticks our Palm Gen Zers travel decisions….

Charley Holyoak (24 years) says:

“I would say I am still budget conscious, but I wouldn’t want something really cheap where I felt unsafe. It would also depend on the holiday and how much time I would spend in the hotel e.g. for a city break, I would opt for a more basic hotel because I am likely to be out and about, but for a beach holiday, I would like something a bit nicer. I get most of my inspiration from TikTok, so this is a big decision maker. It’s good to see the destination from a like-minded individual.”

Gabriella Kounnis (21 years) says:

“I would say I look for the nicest place that I can get at the cheapest price, I would never want to go somewhere that I felt unsafe or that something bad could happen, but at the same time some hotels are so expensive that you have to compromise. I also try to use things that tell you when it’s cheapest to book and where you can get the best deal, so I can visit the more luxury destinations. I don’t tend to follow trends and prefer to go to places that won’t be too busy – secret, hidden gems, so I can be amongst the first to discover them and know that they aren’t ruined by overtourism.”

Kia McKee (22 years) says:

“I am a lover of all things luxury, that being said the hotels I choose for my holidays aren’t always within my budget! I like to look for the best combination of budget friendly but still luxury, focussing on beautiful rooms, nice communal areas and a solid food and drink offering. That being said, if I am going on a weekend long city break the only thing that matters to me is the location of the hotel, as I plan to be out exploring most of the time, I will choose a centrally located average hotel over a more expensive luxury hotel.

Miami is my next big trip this year, as I have grown up watching movies such as Bad Boys (!) and have always been super interested in visiting the US. Despite how weak the US Dollar is for us at the moment, I am Miami bound, with my Palm buddy Amy as I think it is great to visit places that are so different to the UK, to experience their way of life and a different version of luxury to London. This is something I will make time to do no matter the cost.”

Any Gen Z’s please do comment and let us know your thoughts, Palm would love to hear your travel plans for this summer!