We’ve made a petition for Trading Standards to allow plant-based brands to use dairy-related terms.

Investigative reporting from The Times has shown that Trading Standards is soon to issue guidelines that would prevent brands from using “misspelling[s], homophonic words or non-alphabet symbols” to refer to dairy terms.


We believe that these changes would prevent there being a level playing field between categories, instead dampening innovation and adding costs to businesses already battling rising prices.


After initiating this campaign and kickstarting a petition, the campaign is being supported by The Vegan Society and vegan charity Viva!, along with multiple businesses and key opinion leaders in the category.


Our immediate aim is for the petition to stop Trading Standards from issuing guidelines preventing plant-based brands from using dairy-related terms. Long term, we hope that the campaign will encourage Trading Standards to evolve its overall guidelines to better fit a modern and dynamic food and drink industry.


If you’d like to support the petition you can leave your signature here