Palm’s PR & Digital client Nush ( – the award-winning British FMCG brand, producing dairy and soya-free, live almond m*lk yoghurts and Spreadable Ch*ese, is undergoing a significant expansion after entering into the dessert category with the UK’s first nut milk dessert pot and by securing a deal to supply 244 Waitrose stores with its Chive Ch*ese SKU (RRP £2.50 per 150g). 

Nush’s range of indulgent and protein-rich, plant-based almond m*lk Choc Pots will launch with a Chocolate Orange pot. The product will be available in independents from January 2021 and the brand is currently in talks with retailers to finalise national distribution, which Palm will support from our London agency with strategic PR and Digital communications campaigns.  

Through this development, and the launch of its Ch*ese into Waitrose, Nush will continue to expand in 2021, tapping into the UK’s burgeoning £1.59 billion1 yoghurt and potted dessert category and the dairy-free cheese market, which grew 20.1% last year, with UK sales of £25.1 million2.   

Bethany Eaton, co-founder of Nush says: “Innovating and launching into new categories, as well as making our products accessible to as many consumers as possible through increased distribution, is central to Nush’s growth plans.  

“Our Choc Pots are the first nut milk dessert pot in the UK and fill a gap in the market for delicious, protein-rich plant-based desserts. Like our Ch*ese, they are made with our almond m*lk, which contains 30% pure almonds, and is made by our team in our factory in Erith. The Choc Pots not only taste delicious but have intrinsic health and wellbeing benefits.  

“The growth of the plant-based Ch*ese market has been huge. Through our deal to supply Waitrose nationwide with our Chive Ch*ese we’ll be able to supply more consumers than ever before.”  

Nush Choc Pots  

Available in a delicious Chocolate Orange, the Nush all-natural Choc Pots are guilt-free but truly decadent, making them the perfect choice for dinner parties or some delicious self-indulgence. Smooth, creamy and thick like a ganache, each one balances the richness of the Belgian cocoa with fresh citrus notes of orange to create a light but truly satisfying pud! 

Created to not only taste delicious but to also deliver on health, each one is vegan, under 200 calories and 5g of protein per pot and free from dairy, lactose, gluten, soya, preservatives, additives and refined sugar. Made from the finest whole ingredients, the Choc Pots are sweetened with apple and made with the best Belgian cocoa powder, orange oil and almond m*lk that contains 30% pure almonds and gut-supporting live cultures. 

Whether it comes to flexitarians or those following a plant-based diet, Nush refuses to compromise. Its range of almond m*lk Choc Pots lead on health and taste, making them a delicious direct swap for desserts that contain dairy and refined sugar and are the number one choice for individuals looking for plant-based products. 

Each 75g Choc Pot protein-rich dessert is satiating and is fortified with live vegan cultures, which are aged with the almond m*lk during the production process, supporting gut health.  

Nush Ch*ese 

The award-winning Ch*ese is available in two mouth-watering varieties: Natural and Chive and is made from the finest almond m*lk, containing 30% pure almonds. It is the perfect addition to any cheeseboard, whether it’s the only dairy-free option or the star of a vegan selection. Bursting with flavour and extremely versatile, it is perfect to enjoy for breakfast on a toasted bagel or it pairs perfectly with vegetable crudities and is delicious spread on crackers with chutneys.  

This plant-based cheese can be enjoyed as a direct replacement for the dairy variety. Each tub is all-natural, comprised of whole ingredients and is free from gluten, soya, preservatives and additives. It is created by blending European almonds with filtered water and live vegan probiotic cultures and is seasoned with British sea salt. 

The Nush Ch*ese and Choc Pots are made in the Nush UK-based artisan factory. Nush makes its own almond m*lk to control how many almonds the m*lk contains. Almonds have the highest concentration of nutrients per gram than any other nut. They are low in saturated fat and are a natural source of the powerful antioxidant and complexion boosting Vitamin E and potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and iron. 

Nush is a delicious way to enjoy the beauty and health benefits of almonds, which have been harnessed for years by a number of A-list celebrities, including Heidi Klum, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow. 

The Nush Choc Pot range has an RRP of £3.00 for two x 75g pots and is available in independents. The Nush Ch*ese Chive SKU is launching in 244 Waitrose stores, £2.50 per 150g. 

Find out more on the Nush website:  or via Instagram @nushfoods