Moving Mountains (, the pioneering British food tech company is expanding its offering and revolutionising the nation’s favourite dish with the launch of its brand-new plant-based Fish Fillet, so Brits can enjoy the ultimate plant-based fish and chips at home and in restaurants.

380 million portions of fish and chips are eaten in the UK every year, impacting ocean life. The Moving Mountains® Fish Fillet has been created to tackle the sustainability crisis in the oceans caused by over-fishing, whilst still allowing Brits to enjoy their favourite meal.

Moving Mountains® ground-breaking new product uses plant-based ingredients and incredible scientific processes to deliver the taste and texture of real fish. The Moving Mountains® Fish Fillet is 100% free of microplastics and mercury and has 10g of protein and 4.5g of fibre per 100g. It has a succulent, flaky texture and is coated in golden, crunchy panko breadcrumbs and it can be enjoyed as a direct swap for the traditional variety.

Moving Mountains® has already changed diets across the globe with its plant-based meat range and now the brand is extending the flexitarian revolution with a realistic alternative to fish.

The Moving Mountains® Fish Fillet is the second product to join the brand’s plant-based fish offering after the launch of its Fish Fingers. It will join a pioneering line up of plant-based meat products, which includes burgers, sausages, mince, meatballs and hot dogs. All of the Moving Mountains® products have been launched to support the brand’s goal of living in harmony on a sustainable planet.

The Moving Mountains® plant-based Fish Fillet can be cooked in just 10 minutes from frozen in a frying pan or cooked in 20 minutes in the oven. It can be served with chips, mushy peas and vegan tartare sauce for the ultimate plant-based fish and chips and is also delicious with a seasonal salad or served in freshly sliced bread for a comforting sandwich, that can be enjoyed for lunch or supper.

Palm is an award-winning, data-led communications agency with a team of experts in Food & Drink and Hospitality & Travel, specialising in Public Relations, Social Media and Digital Advertising. They have delivered a highly impactful PR campaign with Moving Mountains since the brand’s launch.

The public relations initiatives will focus on securing press endorsement on the great taste and superiority of the Fish Fillet, generating positive editorial profiles and reviews in print, podcasts and online media.

Simeon Van der Molen, Founder of Moving Mountains® says: “The Moving Mountains® Fish Fillet is going to revolutionise the nation’s favourite meal: fish and chips. 380 million portions of fish and chips are eaten every year, but this is impacting the oceans, where there is already a sustainability crisis. Our ground-breaking new product will allow Brits to enjoy this national treasure whilst protecting sea life across the globe.”

“Our team have spent years perfecting the Fish Fillet, so it looks and tastes just like the real thing, with all the health benefits too. Our Fish Fillet has 10g of protein and 4.5g of fibre for every 100g. We are thrilled to be launching the product in Ocado, so that Brits can enjoy the product nationwide.”

The Moving Mountains range is available to buy on Ocado nationwide.