Leading PR and digital agency Palm is delighted to be managing a PR campaign for Mash Direct.

Mash Direct (www.mashdirect.com), the award-winning ‘field-to-fork’ vegetable accompaniments brand, is launching the ‘Grow Your Own’ campaign to encourage more people across the UK to grow their own vegetables and herbs and to increase their vegetable intake to harness the associated health and wellbeing benefits.

The PR campaign will run From (24th May – 2nd July), when Mash Direct is challenging individuals to grow their own vegetables and herbs in their gardens, allotments and window sills. If they showcase the evidence on social media, tagging @mashdirect and #GrowWithMash, they will be placed in a draw to win free gardening tools and Mash Direct products.

To encourage people to get involved, Mash Direct is partnering with vegetable growing influencer Jane Perrone (@J.L.Perrone) and will also publish hacks from their expert panel of vegetable growers. These tips will outline everything people need to know, including a lowdown on what tools are needed, a guide to growing vegetables and herbs with children, insights into the best veg and herbs to grow in urban areas and a timeline of the growing seasons for different produce.

Mash Direct wants people across the UK to get back to their roots and to embrace vegetable growing again. Growing vegetables in the UK has significantly declined in the last 50 years, with urban allotments in particular falling by 65 percent[1]. Integral to the campaign is educating individuals about the ease of vegetable and herb growing for people of all ages, even when living in urban areas without a garden.

The campaign involves Mash Direct launching an on-pack promotion announcing the Grow Your Own Campaign, with directions on how to enter the weekly prize draws.  There will be 6 weekly prize draws with 300 Grow Your Own Kits up for grabs as well as 6 Gro-Zone Greenhouses! Mash Direct will also be inviting schools later on in the year to register for an educational “Grow Your Own” pack for pupils across the UK to embrace vegetable growing.

After successfully growing and selling vegetables for 25 years at the family-run farm in Northern Ireland, Mash Direct brings a wealth of vegetable growing expertise and is committed to educating people across the UK to grow their own vegetables so they can harness the multitude of benefits.

Growing vegetables has associated nutritional benefits, as well as wellbeing advantages related to increased confidence, improving mental health, relieving stress, physical exercise and a rewarding way to spend quality time together as a family as well as encouraging children to eat and enjoy the produce they have grown.

Jack Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer at Mash Direct commented: “We have launched the ‘Grow Your Own’ campaign to encourage individuals and families across the UK to embrace vegetable  and herb growing and to harness the multitude of health and wellbeing benefits of going back to the roots of vegetable growing and incorporate more vegetables in the diet.

At Mash Direct, we have been really fortunate to be growing our vegetables for over 25 years on our family-run farm. We know first-hand how incredibly rewarding it can be. Growing vegetables not only positively impacts people’s diets and nutritional intake, but it also improves individuals’ wellbeing and is a fantastic way to spend time together as a family. We hope that this initiative sparks a vegetable and herb growing trend and renaissance across the UK.”

Mash Direct combines six generations of the Hamilton family’s farming expertise to create an extensive rnge of delicious and award-winning ‘field-to-fork’ vegetable accompaniments. Everything is created fresh on their farm with the true taste and texture of home cooking and the brand has received 23 Great Taste Awards to date.

Mash Direct has also created a bank of delicious recipes that can be accessed from the brand’s website (www.mashdirect.com/recipes) to showcase how vegetables can be creatively incorporated in daily life.

Mash Direct’s innovative range is available in major retail multiples, convenience stores and independents throughout the UK and Ireland.  Consumers can also order online from the website: www.mashdirect.com

The Mash Direct website: www.mashdirect.com / www.mashdirect.com/sports/

The Mash Direct Facebook: www.facebook.com/MashDirect

The Mash Direct Instagram: @mashdirect





[1] Landscape & Urban Planning – https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0169204619315981?dgcid=author