This month sees the launch of Cincinnati Chilibomb ( on Curtain Road in Shoreditch. Inspired by the vibrant chili parlour scene in Ohio, this is London’s first dedicated Cincinnati-style chili restaurant.

Leading PR and Digital marketing agency Palm is managing the exciting launch which has opened with a collection or delivery-only offering via Deliveroo, evolving into a full-service 40 cover restaurant and bar when restrictions lift.

Despite being named as one of the “20 Most Iconic Foods in America” (Smithsonian, 2013) this style of chili is yet to reach the UK Capital.

Aromatic, not-too-spicy and piled-high with melty, crunchy, toppings and sauces, this is a downright decadent dish of dreams.

Founder Tim Brice is well known in the hospitality industry, having run many of London’s legendary restaurants, including River Café, Kensington Place, Jo Allen, Baltic, Launceston Place, Blueprint Café, Simpsons of Cornhill and four My Old Dutch sites.   Now known as “Captain Chili”, Tim lives on a barge on The Grand Union canal and developed the chili recipes from his kitchen on the water.

In his youth, Tim lived in Cincinnati, and for almost a decade in the 1970s. He loved the ‘chili parlour’ scene there and always dreamed of bringing it to London. Unlike the traditional Cincinnati spaghetti serve, Tim has developed a chili-filled brioche ‘bombshell’ for the Shoreditch restaurant.


The Menu 

The menu offers a choice of Beef (£6.50) or Vegan Chili (£5.50) in a brioche or bowl. A labour of love, the chili takes three days to make and includes dried Mexican chillies, for spice rather than heat.

Diners customise their ‘bomb with a choice of cheeses: Grated Cheddar, Grated Gruyere, Smudged Brie, Stilton or Smoked Vegan Gouda.  

Add to this a choice of onions: Chopped Fresh, Deep Fried Crispy or Pickled Sliced.

And house sauces: Mild Jalapeño with lemon and garlic, Spicy Jalapeño with smoked paprika, Ranchero(v), Sweet Smoky BBQ sauce(v) or Melted Cheese Sauce.  

For those who want to add some serious heat, the Chilibomb Kickers-Chilli Oils are syringes of chilli, ready to inject into the bun. Choose from Scotch Bonnet, Ghost Chilli or for the truly brave, Carolina Reaper – the hottest chilli in the world.

Sides include Chicken Wings with house sauces, Corn Ribs, Texas Slaw, French Bean Fries, Maple BBQ White Beans and Sweet Potato Fries (£3.00 each).

‘Sweeet’ Treats include all-American favourites, such as Pecan Pie, Apple Pie, New York Cheesecake, as well as Frozen Melon with Bourbon. All can be served a la mode – with ice cream.

Decadent drinks will include a range of Floats, Hard Shakes and Smoothies.


Cincinnati Chilibomb Founder Tim Brice says:

“It has taken me months of endless tastings, recipe spreadsheets and research to finalise the perfect chili, which you can taste at Cincinnati Chilibomb.  

“I wanted to evolve the traditional Cincinnati method of eating chili which is with spaghetti, onion and cheese, otherwise known as “three-way”; and the thought of serving it with rice, as we do in Britain did not seem authentic to its origins.  

“Thus, I have created the Cincinnati Chilibomb, which is an aromatic, not-too-spicy chili served in a brioche sphere, with a choice of raw, crispy or pickled onion, vegan or dairy cheeses, and my own creation of Chilibomb sauces. My coup de gras is how you get the heat – or not! You will inject your Chilibomb with a syringe of chili-infused oil at the level of heat that you desire, from mildest to the hottest chili in the world – the Carolina Reaper.”  


Venue Details 

Address: 26 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3JX


Opening Times:

    • Tuesday – Thursday: 5-10pm
    • Friday – Saturday: 12-10pm
    • Sunday – Monday: Closed

Social Media:

    • Instagram: @cincinnatichilibomb
    • Facebook: @Chili Bomb  

Palm manages the integrated campaign for the Cincinnati-style chili parlour from our leading London PR and Digital office.


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