We have loved supporting our PR client Holy Moly (www.holymolyshakes.com) with the launch of the UK’s first range of Nutshakes. A collection of low fat but deliciously creamy cold-pressed, plant-based milkshakes made from a blend of raw, unpasteurised almond mylk and fresh fruit.

The Nutshakes are also gluten free, free from preservatives and low in fat, with an average 73 calories per 150ml serving. They have around a third less sugar than smoothies and up to 90% less saturated fat than some traditional dairy milkshakes.

Unlike other brands, Holy Moly doesn’t heat pasteurise its nut mylk. Instead, it uses a cutting edge cold-press production process that retains the nutritional value of the natural ingredients to deliver their health benefits intact.

They are the perfect choice for those looking for a healthy and convenient option throughout the day, whether they are enjoyed at breakfast, as a snack, for an energy boost at the gym or simply chosen as a healthy sweet treat.

The Nutshakes

There are three Nutshakes in the range, all are available at Sainsbury’s stores nationwide and online. The larger bottles can be found in the chilled dairy alternatives bay, whilst the smaller bottles are stocked in the dairy aisle.

  • Strawberry Almond (750ml: £3.80, 250ml: £2.25) – Made from raw almond mylk, crushed strawberries and naturally sweetened with dates, this Nutshake is fat free and just 45 calories per 150ml serving. It has the incredible taste of a traditional strawberry milkshake but is made using a healthy and plant-based recipe.
  • Chocolate Almond (750ml: £3.80, 250ml: £2.25) – A sin-free alternative to the nation’s favourite milkshake, this Nutshake is made from a heavenly blend of raw almond mylk, bananas, apples, dates and smooth, rich chocolate.
  • Banana Almond (750ml: £3.80, 250ml: £2.25) – A fat free Nutshake with no added sugar, it is made from raw almond mylk, bananas, apples and dates.

Holy Moly’s Nutshakes are delicious way to enjoy the health benefits of almonds, which have the highest concentration of nutrients per gram of any nut. They are a natural source of protein and the powerful antioxidant and complexion boosting Vitamin E as well as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron.