Genie Drinks (, the innovative and ethical brand revolutionising the UK soft drinks market, has created the next generation of kombuchas with its award-winning, vegan range that is delicious, healthy, and ethical.

The Genie Drinks Kombucha line offers an exciting alternative to other kombuchas on the market and provides the mainstream consumer with a genuine substitute for traditional, sugar and sweetener-filled fizzy drinks without compromising on taste.

The range is truly delicious. Each one has been accredited with a Great Taste Award and delivers no-nonsense health benefits whilst supporting the ethical aims of the business: Genie Drinks is 100% sustainable and support food waste charity The Felix Project through its Wishful Drinking charitable initiative.

Genie Drinks’ Kombuchas are created with a blend of fermented tea and natural fruit juices. They’re packed with millions of gut-boosting kombucha cultures and antioxidants to support immunity, mood, and digestion. Each lightly sparkling drink is made with all-natural ingredients and the magical craft of fermentation. They are 100% plant-based, and free from added sugar, sweeteners, and artificial preservatives.

Palm PR and Digital Media Agency in London, which specialises in Food & Drink, Hospitality and Travel, Social Media and Digital Advertising has worked with Genie Drinks to create and deliver a successful PR campaign for the launch of Genie Drinks award-winning Kombuchas.

Palm will be using public relations to secure profiles and reviews of the Kombuchas and positive press endorsement on the great taste, flavour and appearance to generate positive editorial profiles and reviews in National Newspaper publications, Consumer publications and Food & Drink publications.

About The Range

The range features three deliciously strong flavours:

  • Genie Drinks Sweet Citrus Kombucha – A Great Taste Award-Winner. The complex and fruity blend of fermented tea and citrus has a vibrant aroma with hints of lemon and orange peel. The inviting sweetness of lemon and pink grapefruit extract balances the refreshing kombucha zing and it has a pleasantly dry finish and a subtle fizz.
  • Genie Drinks Dry Apple Kombucha – A Great Taste Award-Winner. The delicious flavours of tart, crisp apple and dry cider are combined in a complex, 100% vegan kombucha, with none of the alcohol.
  • Genie Drinks Fiery Ginger Kombucha – A Great Taste Award-Winner. Cloudy and wonderfully effervescent with the aroma and zing of a high quality, traditional ginger beer. Lightly sparkling fermented tea blends with the fresh tang of lemon juice and organic ginger for a real fiery health kick.

The Public Relations initiatives will focus on securing press endorsement on the great taste of the Genie Kombucha range, generating positive editorial profiles and reviews in print and online media.

The Genie Kombucha range is available directly from the Genie website (, Amazon, Farmdrop, Holland & Barrett, Green Bay, Partridges, The Grocery, and Eat 17.