Leading PR and digital agency Palm is proud to be managing the PR campaign for Eceaux (www.eceauxdrinks.com), a pioneering, non-alcoholic drinks brand, that produces ‘Loqueurs’: the boldest, distinctive and most intense tasting non-alcoholic spirits on the market today, that use the power of botanical nervines and adaptogens to deliver the relaxing and stimulating power of alcohol, without the side effects.

The ‘Loqueurs’ use the power of botanical nervines and adaptogens to deliver the relaxing and stimulating power of alcohol, without the side effects.

Inspired by Europe’s legendary café culture, ‘Loqueurs’ reimagines the ancient tradition of liqueurs. Originally created by apothecaries and monks to make healing potions more palatable, these spirits later fuelled the creativity of artists and intellectuals at the heart of 19th century Bohemian Paris.

Traditional liqueurs must contain at least 15% alcohol. However, Eceaux replaces the functional effects of alcohol with carefully crafted, complex combinations of restorative or relaxing plant-based ingredients that together deliver a sensual experience, but no ‘morning-after’ ill effects.

The ‘Loqueurs’

There are two Eceaux ‘Loqueurs’ in the range: the invigorating Vitalité and the relaxing Tranquilité (RRP: £34.99 per 70cl bottle at www.eceauxdrinks.com and Amazon). Because of their complex flavour profile, both can be enjoyed straight up over ice, or drinkers can get creative: adding their favourite mixer of blending the spirit into a cocktail.

  • Vitalité – a non-alcoholic spirit of Joie de Vivre, that delivers all the energy of a Parisienne evening full of promise. Vitalité is crafted from an invigorating blend of natural botanicals and extracts, including the fortifying Panax ginseng, wormwood, gentian, and spirulina.

Tasting Notes: A fresh, vermouth-style pick-me-up, that boasts an invigorating, and bittersweet grassy nose of herby citrus, that will put a floral spring and spice into anyone’s step.

  • Tranquilité – the perfect way to SLEAUX down, ponder life and watch the world go by. Tranquilité is calming blend of naturally relaxing botanicals including the legendary valerian, soothing chamomile and passionflower.

Tasting Notes: A rich, spicy nose-invigorating Christmas pudding. A sharp welcome gives way to a smoky, lingering finishing with a proper alcohol-like bite.

About Eceaux

Eceaux re-imagines café culture for the modern age of wellness, providing a brand new type of spirit for the contemporary drinker, who is health-conscious, but doesn’t want to forego the relaxation and invigoration that alcohol can bring.

Eceaux, takes its name from the French ‘avec eau’, or ‘with ‘water’ to reflect the fact that a splash of water or cube of ice helps to release the flavours in a similar way to whisky or other rich spirits.

The botanical recipes of Eceaux were conceived by trained herbalist Anne Brooks who, originally from France, longed for the complexity and bold flavours that Europe’s great liqueurs, aperitifs and digestifs are famed for during one ‘dry January’.

Eceaux’s ‘Loqueurs’ are available at £34.99 per 70cl bottle and can be purchased from www.eceauxdrinks.com and Amazon.

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