2020 has turned out to be an incredibly unpredictable year. The year ahead digital trends that everyone was talking about in January have been radically disrupted.

With this in mind, we thought it would be worth revisiting four key digital trends for food, drink, hospitality and travel brands, for the rest of the year and investigating which emerging habits are here to stay.

  • Online Shopping: The pandemic brought about a mass exodus from supermarkets to digital shopping. Sainsbury’s, for example, has seen a massive increase of 530,000 new Sainsbury’s online customers since March. This is a trend that won’t go away.
  • The Grey Pound: Coronavirus has forced an older audience to become more digitally savvy. From working out with Joe Wickes, to Zoom calls and of course online shopping, the grey pound is an important new consumer for digital marketeers and PR agencies to consider.
  • Expecting more from Brands: Anxious consumers looked to brands during the crisis to provide reassurance and to have purpose and responsibility. Utter transparency was essential and mission focused, disruptor brands will continue to command an engaged community. The hotel and hospitality industry led the way on this, creating some honest and inclusive digital campaigns that fostered loyalty.
  • Globally Minded, Locally Focused: Despite having access to international brands and venues on social media and other online platforms, we saw consumers seeking out hyper local brands in their digital communities – engaging with them more and positively supporting their people and businesses.

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