Palm manages the PR campaign for award-winning British brand Cru8 ( This company produces a range of nutrient-dense, superfood-rich breads and bakes, and has launched a new grain-free, organic, low net carb (4g), high fibre (10g), high protein (8g) Keto Vegan Sesame Seed Bagel SKU that like all the Cru8 range, is handmade in London (RRP: £6.80/240g).


The brand-new product can be purchased via the brand’s website at, Planet Organic (the first Keto bagel offering to launch in the retailer), As Nature Intended, from the Cru8 Deli in Chelsea Farmers Market and from independent retailers across London and the South of England.


The launch of the Cru8 grain-free Keto Vegan Sesame Bagel allows the brand to tap into the UK’s burgeoning free-from and plant-based categories, with the UK’s plant-based sector worth £443 million. It will meet growing demand for keto products and provide a compelling option for those looking for bread with positive health benefits.


Cru8’s Keto Vegan Sesame Bagels are low net carb (containing only 3g carbohydrate compared to a traditional bagel that has 45g carbohydrate) and are low sugar, making it the perfect addition to a low carb, Keto lifestyle.  They are gut health promoting due to a high fibre content as well as a source of vitamin E, riboflavin, magnesium and manganese.

The Cru8 Keto Vegan Sesame Bagels are created using the finest, all-natural ingredients such as almonds, coconut flour, golden flax seed, psyllium husk, extra virgin olive oil, bicarbonate of soda, sea salt, apple cider vinegar and sesame seeds.


The brand-new bagels are perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch or a snack! Enjoy with vegan cream cheese and slices of cooling cucumber or hummus and sun-dried tomatoes or nut butter. They are great toasted and are perfectly suitable for freezing too.


Cru8 Founder, Alexi von Eldik, says: “By launching the Cru8 Keto Vegan Bagels, we are meeting growing demand in the UK for innovative free-from, plant-based and Keto products as well as providing a compelling product for consumers that want bread with health benefits. This new SKU will allow the brand to tap into the UK’s expanding free-from category and also continue to expand our range for the vegan consumer.”


The recipe for every Cru8 product has been designed and created by the brand’s Founder, Alexi, using the finest, nutrient-dense ingredients to deliver optimum nutrition, support wellbeing and increase productivity. Alexi’s range has a high-profile fan base precisely because it not only tastes great, but is highly nourishing and has tangible benefits, including being anti-inflammatory and pro-microbiome.


All products are handmade in small batches using artisanal methods in Cru8’s own kitchens in London. The products are Soil Association certified organic and free from gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugars.


With its Keto offering, Cru8 continues to drive the UK’s bread revolution, reinvigorating the humble loaf with its artisanal alternatives that are reinstating bread as a nutritious and beneficial dietary staple.

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