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Nush ( is an artisan British brand that produces the UK’s first and only dairy-free, soya-free, protein-rich nut milk yoghurts. Nush started with a range created from the finest Sicilian avola almonds, and then launched a deliciously creamy cashew milk yoghurt range that is the first of its kind in Europe.

The almond yoghurts are produced by blending the best quality avola almonds from Sicily with filtered water and vegan probiotic cultures. The result is a light and creamy yoghurt with a delicate and delicious flavour profile that can be enjoyed as a direct swap for the traditional dairy variety.

The cashew variety are produced by blending the finest Vietnamese cashew nuts with vegan probiotic cultures, maintaining the whole cashew goodness, Nush yoghurts are created using the same traditional methods as production of the dairy variety.

Nush is a delicious way to enjoy the beauty and health benefits of almonds and cashews.

Each pot of Nush is vegan, all-natural, packed full of whole ingredients and free from dairy, lactose, gluten, soya, preservatives, additives and refined sugar.