No1 Living


Jonny Wilkinson has launched No.1 Living (, the natural evolution and extension of his No.1 Kombucha brand that brought kombucha into the mainstream in the UK.

With its portfolio of living foods and drinks designed to help individuals live well from the inside out, No.1 Living aims to make a living diet accessible to all, connecting life to life through foods that are themselves living, nurturing, growing and expanding.

Each of No.1 Living’s kombucha soft drinks is 100% certified organic. The brand has extended its product range by launching two new innovative kombuchas to the UK market: Cola Kombucha and Lemonade Kombucha. These new offerings will sit alongside the original three launch flavours of Ginger & Turmeric Kombucha, Raspberry & Pomegranate Kombucha and Passion Fruit & Goji Kombucha.

No. 1 Living’s Cola Kombucha and Lemonade Kombucha are set to transform the perception of soft drinks in the UK by offering consumers who love the taste of traditional fizzy drinks, a living alternative to Cola and Lemonade, that is not only delicious and refreshing, but full of health and wellbeing benefits. With these unique organic recipes inspired by Britain’s favourite soft drink flavours, the brand believes that its kombucha is the most accessible on the market.

In line witnh the launch of the evolved No.1 Living brand, the brand has reformulated its entire range to deliver a family of living drinks that are organic and has also redesigned its packaging. This is part of No.1 Living’s commitment to growth and continual development as it strives to offer consumers the very best living foods and drinks that support their lifestyles and help them thrive.