Joe & Seph’s.

Joe & Seph’s

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Joe & Seph’s is an award-winning brand that has revolutionised the UK popcorn market by providing a totally unique taste experience with its gourmet air popped corn in exciting and innovative flavours.

Designed for taste adventurers and food lovers, each of its eclectic 34 flavours are handmade by chefs, using all natural ingredients and made with extra-large corn pieces. And there are no pesky un-popped kernels left at the bottom of the bag.

The Joe & Seph’s flavour range is immense, encompassing the sweet, savoury and traditional but always with a focus on innovation. From Gin & Tonic to Cheese on Toast, there is a variety to suit every palate and, since launching, the brand has achieved an incredible 11 Gold Great Taste Awards.

The company takes its name from its Founder, Joseph Sopher, who launched the family business with his wife Jackie and their eldest son, Adam. After years creating his innovative style of popcorn for friends and relatives from his kitchen, he decided to launch Joe & Seph’s to the British public.

Sopher’s delicious popcorn is still made by hand. Every kernel is air-popped, which is a healthier cooking method than frying and also results in better texture and taste.