Body and Mind Botanicals.

Body and Mind Botanicals

Body and Mind Botanicals (, a completely organic, British wellness brand founded by a team of cannabis experts, has launched with a UK-first range of full spectrum, vegan Organic Cannabis Tea, that is uniquely created using the whole cannabis plant.

Body and Mind Botanicals produces a range of natural products that provide all the benefits of full spectrum cannabis without the high. The brand is on a mission to bring the incredible health and wellbeing benefits of legal cannabis to as many people as possible. This power-packed plant has been a part of human diets and healing for thousands of years, and Body and Mind Botanicals now wants to use it to provide Brits with natural and organic remedies.

The brand wants to empower individuals to use cannabis and ensures that its products adhere to the highest possible standards, legally, sustainably and in terms of taste and quality, to give them the confidence to do so.