Vini & Bal’s

Food & Beverage, Past Clients

Vini & Bal’s ( is an award-winning range of fresh, chilled Punjabi spice blend bases that allow food lovers to easily create intensely-flavoured, authentic Indian cuisine from scratch in their own kitchens.

Previously known as Rustic Indian, the range has been revamped, taking its new name from Founders Vini and Bal Aujla. The husband and wife team share a passion for the authentic, delicious flavours of the Punjab region and created the sauces using their traditional family recipes.

Following the rebrand, Vini & Bal’s has launched nationwide in Sainsbury’s and is now available in 300 stores with three varieties from the range: Fiery Mirchi, Jeera and Shahi.

All four mouth-watering cook-in sauce varieties are vegetarian and gluten-free, incorporating healthy ingredients such as rapeseed oil and whole spices. Rustic Indian uses absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Vini & Bal’s provides a deeply flavoured, richly spiced foundation for classic curry recipes. The sauces are also a versatile base for global culinary inspiration: whether stirred into soups, a seasoning for stews or casseroles, a marinade for meat, an accompaniment to meatballs, a topping for toast or a sandwich filling, Rustic Indian always delivers a full and punchy, authentic Punjabi flavour.