Trawler Trash

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Trawler Trash ( is a new modern fish restaurant on Upper Street, Islington, open for brunch, lunch and dinner from May 2017.

Located at 205 Upper Street, the site has served fish and chips for over 50 years. Now, Trawler Trash is honouring British, seasonal produce whilst keeping lesser known fish and the environmental impact of irresponsible fishing at front of mind, making waves in the process. Contradicting the ‘Trash’ of the ocean with proper, considered and flavoursome food in a designed environment.

With a menu devised around the “trash” of the trawler men, the kitchen curates a seasonal menu drawing on cooking techniques from around the world, with focus on producing dishes of the highest quality. Using the lesser known treasures of the sea that often get disregarded in favour of the traditional catch, customers can enjoy alternatives such as Pilchards, Coley, Sprat, Grey Mullet and Crayfish.

Trawler Trash doesn’t use freezers and only serves fish delivered that day, which is why it’s closed on Mondays – a day of rest for the trawler men. The restaurant works closely with these suppliers, turning trash into treasure, from sea to plate.

Part of the fast paced, casual London dining scene, the 50-cover restaurant will offer high quality fish in relaxed and approachable surroundings. The original space has been renovated sensitively, pairing the old with the new and preserving the charm of an iconic London fish and chip shop with new, luxe elements for modern guests.

The culinary offering is created by George Notley, the Executive Chef of the Fork & Blade ( group, which is the dynamic organisation behind Covent Garden’s modern coffee house, The Black Penny, and Fitzrovia’s Aegean inspired restaurant, Firedog. The group keeps seasonal and fresh produce integral across all projects and are inspired by both their Turkish and British roots.