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Tilia is a ground-breaking online home delivery service that for the first time conveniently connects consumers with the finest artisan culinary suppliers.

Reflecting the changing landscape in the food and drink industry, Tilia sources the best produce from both young innovators, including the burgeoning street food community, and established businesses.

From Allen’s of Mayfair to The Rib Man of Brick Lane, the website enables food-lovers to easily purchase the most exciting culinary fare and have it delivered straight to their kitchen.

Each producer is a master in their field and every one has been awarded Tilia’s Artisan Standard, which is secured through a rigorous five point selection process, guaranteeing an unparalleled level of quality.

This ensures that all the produce that Tilia supplies is priced fairly, has brilliant provenance, is made using production methods that protect and enhance the quality of the original ingredients, and is crafted by expert individuals with real passion for food and drink.

For food-lovers wanting only the finest, Tilia is simple and convenient enough to be used for the weekly shop, and is also the perfect choice for one off purchases, when sourcing truly special ingredients for dinner parties and celebrations.