The London Bagel Co.

The London Bagel Co

The London Bagel Co. ( is proud to launch the UK’s first ‘Bagel Burger’: an irresistibly juicy patty with garnishes and house-made sauce inside a doughy, glossy bagel bun, set to take the London street food scene by storm.

With a truck located at Old Spitalfields Market in East London, one of the capital’s most diverse street food hubs, The London Bagel Co. aims to evolve and elevate the humble burger, redefining predictable flavour combinations and discarding the soggy, flimsy bun.

It is time to let go of the brioche and say hello to the sweet, doughy bagel that can really hold its own, allowing guests to pile their patties high!

Founder Hamish Gill created the ‘Bagel Burger’ in a quest for the “perfect ratio of meat to bread, of juice to hold.” Harnessing the unique properties of a fresh made bagel means that the team can be much more creative and adventurous with their fillings, toppings and flavour combinations than their competitors, creating a product which is absolutely loaded with flavour yet which holds together effortlessly when eaten on-the-go.

All of The London Bagel Co.’s burgers are made to order from the brand’s truck, using only the best quality ingredients, carefully sourced from local East London suppliers who share the brand’s ethos. Their 100% grain-fed British beef comes direct from Smithfield and their bagels are freshly made every day by the famous Beigel Bake on Brick Lane. The team are proud of their house-made salt beef, falafel and a selection of amazing sauces to pile on the patties, from apple chilli jam to a hot honey marinade.

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