Sweet Virtues.

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Sweet Virtues (www.sweetvirtues.co.uk) is a forward thinking and health conscious food business, launching the UK’s first super food luxury truffles.

Available in three delicious varieties, Maqui, Chia Seeds & Lime and Baobab & Vanilla, the truffles come in boxes of around 10 and are perfect as a unique and luxurious gift or the ultimate guilt-free treat for oneself.

Sweet Virtues’ luxury truffles are nutrient-dense and power-packed with more than five super food ingredients in every truffle. The raw centre is made up of a blend of Maca, Lacuma, Carob, Ginseng, Agave, Sunflower Seeds and Ground Almonds mixed with 64% and 70% dark chocolate cocoa solids.

Each truffle is hand-made by the world-renowned chocolatier Paul Wayne Gregory and is dairy-free, suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those on gluten-free diets.

At the heart of the Sweet Virtues philosophy is the ‘Triangle of Health’, a balance of mind and relaxation, food and nutrition and exercise and fitness. One without the other two will never achieve optimum health. This philosophy is reflected in each flavour and the ingredients used: Maqui to Detox, Chia Seeds & Lime to Energise and Baobab & Vanilla to promote Balance.

Sweet Virtues do not focus on what is ‘taken out’ but the amazing power-packed ingredients that are ‘added in’. The company believes that eating healthily should not about self-denial or indeed less enjoyment when it comes to food but exactly the opposite.

The Sweet Virtues range will be stocked in Ocado from September 2014 and will be sold in 115g box.