Simplee Aloe

Simplee Aloe ( is a range of delicious and functional all-natural aloe vera ‘superjuice’ drinks that deliver the health, beauty and nutritional benefits of this wonder plant.

Unlike other aloe vera drinks, Simplee Aloe is made from the finest ingredients. Its juices are never from concentrate and every carton contains at least 35% aloe vera, produced from the inner gel of the plant and not the whole leaf. It contains no preservatives, added sugar or bits and only uses naturally occurring ingredients.

Simplee Aloe is the perfect way to conveniently enjoy the fantastic benefits of aloe vera. Every drop is rich in essential vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E as well as calcium magnesium, zinc and potassium, which can support digestion, a healthy immune system and help keep skin looking its best.

The pure goodness of aloe vera is captured in every carton and blended with tasty juices for a mouth-watering drink. Simplee Aloe is available in two unique varieties: Grape & Lemon and Apple & Mango both with an added dash of Vitamin C.

Simplee Aloe is available in two different sizes (330ml and one litre). The 330ml ‘grab and go’ carton contains less calories than an apple and is ideal for busy people who want to get a great tasting healthy boost whilst on the move. The family size offering is designed to store in the fridge and enjoy throughout the week, and is the perfect morning pick-me-up.

Loved by both children and parents, Simplee Aloe’s delicious fruit juices offer an exciting alternative to sugar filled smoothies and juices. Each refreshing drop is made from all natural ingredients with no flavourings or preservatives. The convenient 330ml carton fits perfectly in kids’ lunchboxes, can be drunk as an after school treat and is a picnic favourite throughout the summer.

The Simplee Aloe Grape & Lemon and Apple & Mango varieties are available nationwide at selected Waitrose stores, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Whole Foods Market, Holland and Barrett and over 200 independents with a RRP £1.69 for 330ml and £3.50 for one litre.

Simplee Aloe is made from aloe vera grown on the sun-soaked fields of South East Asia. The plump leaves are handpicked, washed, peeled and pressed to release the purest inner aloe vera gel, creating a juice that maintains the nutritional integrity and freshness of the raw plant.

The brand was founded by two friends, Alex and Raymond, who left the city to launch the business. They discovered the incredible benefits of aloe vera whilst travelling in Asia and identified a gap in the market for a drink that would deliver all the benefits of the plant and taste great too. The pair began to experiment with different flavours and combinations at home in their kitchens, before perfecting the recipe and launching nationwide.