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Sian’s Plan is a revolutionary meal-planning website that allows families and individuals to easily prepare healthy, affordable and fuss-free meals from home.

Designed to improve household nutrition, cut out food waste and eliminate the stress associated with cooking and grocery shopping, Sian’s Plan allows meal-planning to be completed in minutes. From just £3.99 per month, the website will help households save four and a half hours a week[1] and at least £700[2] every year by cutting down the hours spent in the kitchen and saving costs on food waste.

Users log on and choose a series of dishes from an ever-expanding library of innovative and more traditional main meals, smaller options and desserts. The website automatically generates a list of all the necessary ingredients, which can be linked to the online platform of Tesco, Waitrose and all major supermarkets, purchased and delivered direct to the shopper’s door.

Alternatively, the list can be printed or emailed to smart phones and taken to a favourite supplier, allowing individuals to continue to shop the way they want, whether they prefer buying locally or using large supermarkets.

The service takes its name from the Founder, Sian Breslin, a 59 year old mother of three and professional home economist. She launched the website with her 29 year old son, Vincent, who translated her practical experience onto a digital platform. Their aim was to help consumers make home cooking simple whilst confronting the mounting crises in obesity, rising food prices and wastage.

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