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Scrubbys ( is an award-winning British vegetable crisp brand like no other. Born in Lincolnshire and produced in the healthiest possible way using the best natural ingredients, each pack provides a guilt free treat whilst satisfying crunch cravings throughout the day.

Scrubbys is revolutionising the country’s crisp category by creating a healthier version of this favourite British snack. Good, honest and fresh root vegetables are sliced, skin on, and then gently cooked at a low temperature to retain the shape, colour, texture, goodness and taste of the original veg.

Scrubbys are available in two unique varieties, a four vegetable mix of Beetroot, Sweet Potato, Parsnip & Carrot crisps with Sea Salt and full-flavoured Parsnip Crisps with Chilli & Lime Zing.

Scrubbys are tailor made for the quintessential crisp connoisseur. Perfect as a guilt-free snack, a lunchbox treat and for enjoying with family and friends at a multitude of occasions, whether snacking, sharing, picnicking or partying.

The range has no artificial colourings or flavourings and is gluten free, vegetarian, vegan friendly and contains at least 30% less fat and 18% less calories than other standard fried vegetable crisps.

Scrubbys crisps are lightly cooked using High Oleic Sunflower Oil, obtained by cold pressing sunflower seeds. This super oil contains high levels of vitamin A, D and E, Omega 9, Lecithin and monosaturated fats, meaning that each serving of Scrubbys provides a delicious dose of healthy benefits and good fats.


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