Roots Collective

Food & Beverage

Roots Collective ( has launched the UK’s first and only range of whole vegetable Blends, revolutionising snack time.   Beloved by fast-paced and health-conscious New Yorkers, Blends are the next dimension in juicing – and Roots Collective is the first to bring this trend to UK shores.

A Roots Collective Blend is not a juice or a smoothie.  Our Blends are the first of its kind to combine whole veggies and herbs with cold pressed veg juice for a deliciously easy way to snack on the go and incorporate more vegetables into your lifestyle.

With over 80% fibre-rich fresh vegetables in each recipe and no added fruit juice, Roots Collective Blends are a radical new plant based fresh fridge essential to quench hunger.

Every 230g bottle in the Roots Collective range contains fewer than 127 calories and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Not only for drinking from the bottle, Roots Collective Blends can be enjoyed as a sauce or a soup, frozen as a nutrient-dense ice pop or topped with herbs and nuts as part of a superfood bowl.