Protein Water Co

Food & Beverage

Protein Water Co ( is an award winning innovative British brand, which produces the UK’s first and only completely natural protein infused waters. Free from added sugar, artificial additives and preservatives, the whole range is designed to maximise health, fitness and beauty potential.

It has two unique product lines; both deliver a mighty protein hit to support the whole body, from the skin, hair and nails to the maintenance of bones, muscles, cartilage and blood.

The Muscle Maintenance range has 20g of protein in each bottle: over a third of the UK’s suggested daily intake. It provides a rich source of branched chain amino acids, aiding recovery, muscle repair and contributes towards healthy weight management.

Its range of Skin Maintenance drinks has one of the highest levels of hydrolysed collagen protein in each 500ml serving. It contains a vital boost of collagen protein to help improve skin and hair health, repair joints and boost metabolism.