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Paxton Chocolate

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Paxton Chocolate, designers of artisan small-batch chocolates in bespoke patterns and intriguing flavour infusions have launched a collection of signature thins.
A highly conceptual chocolatier, Founder Caitlin Paxton’s background in architecture and fashion influence the intricate designs and original artwork that makes each chocolate visually unique.
After graduating as a Pastry Chef from Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Caitlin decided to follow her dream and launch her own chocolate company, combining a flair for beautiful colours and textures with complex flavour profiles using fruits, spices and botanicals. Ingredients are sourced carefully: from the highest quality Belgian chocolate couverture made with sustainable cocoa beans, to the dried flours and extracts from Scotland, selected for their province and quality to locally sourced perishable ingredients for maximum freshness.

The signature thins collection includes:
– Lavender & Bergamot infused aromatic dark chocolate thins, speckled with dried lavender flowers
– Candied Chilli rich dark chocolate discs topped with a glossy red chilli
– Raspberry Rose sweet and fragrant floral infused white chocolate flecked with fresh raspberry to create a pale pink, and illustrated with a miniature flower in ornate colour detail
-Chestnut & Vanilla are deliciously rich thins in milk chocolate with an elegant graphite pattern sketch
-Orange & Earl Grey combines the distinctive British tea blend with a deep zesty orange in milk chocolate, topped with a fruit botanical motif
-Citrus thins are decorated with a striking green and yellow pattern on white chocolate, which has been infused with lemongrass and clementine to create a feast for all the senses