Ozone Coffee Roasters.

Ozone Coffee Roasters

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Award-winning New Zealand artisan coffee roastery, Ozone Coffee Roasters, has launched its first roastery and café in London, with an aim to supply wholesale coffee to venues throughout the UK, as well as serving fresh-roasted coffee and an extensive menu for casual dining to consumers in the London café.

Designed by Lou Davies of Box 9 Design, whose previous work includes The Riding House Café, Ozone’s interiors reference the building’s industrial heritage with many original features.

Ozone uses time-honoured, hand-crafted roasting methods and a traditional drum roaster to create sweet, smooth and full-bodied blends with unique varietals that result in balanced, complex and aromatic coffee.  Distinctive single origin coffees express their unique region, variety, careful harvesting and terroir in every cup.


“Palm PR has been exceptional to work with and exceeded all expectations.  Emily and the team have been proactive and highly responsive, quickly grasping our product and our markets.  We feel truly aligned with Palm PR; they really understand the importance of relationships –whether with client or media, and are delightful to work with.”
Karla Gichard, Chief Executive & Co-owner
Ozone Coffee Roasters