Past Clients

Since 2013, entrepreneur Meredith O’Shaughnessy has been working with some of the world’s leading luxury brands to create bespoke creations, concepts and activations. Her company Ohlala has consistently baked fantastical edible delicacies that surprise, delight and have the power to capture people’s attention and imagination, including miniature avocadoes, sandwiches, hamburgers, unicorns and even dishwasher tablet macarons.

Bloody Good Period supplies over 1,000 people a month with menstrual supplies and toiletries. Due to heavy and irregular periods, they estimate that each period costs between £10.00 and £20.00 per month, including day pads, night pads, pantyliners, wet wipes and shower gel.

The box of eight handmade Ohlala tampon macarons are available via the brand’s website (www.ohlala.co) with an RRP of £24.50. £10.00 of each sale will be donated to charity Bloody Good Period to help end period poverty.