Natur. (pronounced: nature) is Europe’s first hi-tech health food & beverage brand, with roots in the Netherlands.

Natur. was founded in 2015 by Michel van den Bergh and Tabe Ydo with the goal to make the force of nature available to everyone. The company owns 3650 hectares of land on which they grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Natur. smoothies are dense in fruit and vegetable juice, so rich in fibre, and filled with vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, C and E. With all three smoothies using a base of coconut water rather than traditional fruit juice, the smoothies offer consumers lower calories and sugar. Goji, turmeric or matcha; every smoothie contains a superfood for extra power!

In 2017 natur. was a finalist for the start-up of the year award at the NIMA Dutch Marketing Awards.