Mamounia Lounge.

Mamounia Lounge

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Mamounia Lounge is a Middle Eastern restaurant, cocktail and shisha bar with two venues at the heart of glamorous West London, in Knightsbridge and Mayfair.

The menu interprets classic Arabic dishes with London flair, showcasing their chefs’  mastery of traditional cooking methods, using the very finest ingredients. The kitchens combines the best of Moroccan and Lebanese cuisines, from meltingly tender tagines in traditional clay pots to honeyed bites of Baklawa and pistachio-studded Arabic Pudding.

Guests are encouraged to dine banquet-style, crowding tables with Mezze picked from a selection of the traditional, such as the freshly made Moutabel, a smoky aubergine dip blended with tahini, to the innovative, like the Mango Salad, golden in colour, sweet and powerfully flavoured with an Arabic lime dressing.

A huge selection of pastries, grilled and charcoal-cooked meats and couscous dishes are to follow.  The Meshoui, a slow roasted whole shoulder of lamb marinated in Moroccan spices and served with fresh dates, oranges and apricots, melts in the mouth and will make any meal unforgettable. Vegetarians have ample choice, with highlights including the Cheese Sambousek, a Lebanese light savoury pastry filled with halloumi, parsley and dried mint and Grilled King Prawns dressed with lime, garlic, chilli and garlic.

Throughout the day, guests can enjoy fresh pressed exotic juices, Moroccan and Lebanese sweets and teas: the restaurant  filled with the scent of fresh mint leaves as the traditional tea is poured theatrically, steaming from a great height from silver tea pots into vintage glasses.

At night, the restaurants come alive with beautiful belly-dancers, and traditional Middle Eastern musicians, evoking the energetic buzz of Marrakech with all  the colour, noise and excitement of an enchanted souk, lit by twinkling candles and scented with burning incense.