Maman Le Mot

Word on the street is that there’s a hidden bunker in an archway of London Bridge that transports you to another Place In Time ( Those in the know would have visited the world of 1921’s Peaky Blinders at The Tick Tack Club. Now be prepared to jump a couple of decades on…

It’s 1943 and battle in Europe is raging. Churchill has called on the people to “Set Europe Ablaze” in a new style of warfare to include mischief, moustaches, misinformation and misdirection.

You’ve been recruited as a top secret agent and you must find your way to the centre of operations for the French resistance.

As you walk down from the station, keep your eyes peeled for clues, perhaps you’ll spot a rogue double agent.  Keep your wits about you, and remember nothing is as it seems.

Shielded by corrugated iron and sandbags, it’s all terribly discreet, right down to the flashing ‘Secret Agents’ sign outside the entrance. Keep your head down, mum’s the word!

Don’t worry, you’ll pass for a Frenchie in no time. Adorned with authentic beret, a moustache and garlands of garlic, you are led into an intensive language classroom where you will learn how to ‘parlez Francais’, or at least how to master the “Fronch” accent. You better hope you sound impressive enough to convince the Gestapo infiltrators, as you may be hauled into the operations training room for routine interrogation.

Behind a hidden door, the nucleus of the operations is underway in the bunker. Charles de Gaulles’ rousing words drift through the air, as you will be enlisted to send coded transmissions to the resistance cells and help strategise with maps, plots and miniature warships. Bombs may be falling but the smuggled French wine, cocktails and lager is flowing on tap.

Once you’ve successfully progressed through your training, you will be transported to a Moulin Rouge inspired Parisian Bistro with French classics given a 40s blitz twist, cabaret and jolly decent vin. Ooh la la!

Brought to you by A Place In Time, the same twisted minds that created The Tick Tack Club, Leyshon Brothers and Uff Tea, with a terrifying attention to detail that will blow your mind.

Launching 9th September 2016 on every Friday and Saturday from 7pm to 1am