Little Moons

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Little Moons ( is an artisan producer of mochi ice cream, which has recently launched a beautiful range of luxury desserts that are made by enrobing the finest gelato with a delicious layer of traditional Japanese mochi.

The soft and bouncy, gummy bear-like texture of mochi is just as special as its delicious taste. Beloved in Japan and known as the “Q texture” in the Far East, “Q” is to culinary consistency what umami is to taste. This epicurean import from Asia is familiar to adventurous Western palates from the chewy tapioca balls found at the bottom of Taiwanese bubble tea and is set to be the next big trend on the UK’s gastronomic scene. Mochi has already gained a large celebrity following, with a huge number of A-list fans including Harry Styles and Heidi Kulm.

Little Moons is available in six unique varieties, from Toasted Sesame to Matcha Green Tea. Each one harnesses exciting flavours and is produced using the finest ingredients:

o   Toasted Sesame Mochi Ice Cream

o   Vanilla Mochi Ice Cream

o   Coconut Mochi Ice Cream

o   Matcha Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream

o   Mango Mochi Ice Cream

o   Raspberry Mochi Ice Cream

Their delicious taste, special consistency and colourful appearance make Little Moons’ mochi ice cream a family favourite. Less than 100 calories each, they are the perfect sweet treat; ideal as a bite size post-school snack or as an after dinner reward for kids that have eaten all their supper.

With no artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives, free from gluten and less than 100 calories each, Little Moons’ mochi ice cream is perfect for those looking for some measured indulgence.

Little Moons come in a box of six and are available to purchase in Whole Foods with a RRP of £5.99.