Ibiza Ice

Food & Beverage

Ibiza Ice (www.ibizaice.com) is the world’s first range of sparkling fruit wine, made with an all-natural blend of Austrian mountain spring water and fruit wine made from apples and pears. Ibiza Ice contains only 100 per cent natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives or refined sugar, resulting in a low calorie and contemporary sparkling drink.

Pioneering the UK’s premium fruit wine revolution, Ibiza Ice is clearly defined from sugar-laden and artificially flavoured fruit infused grape wines currently available on the market. With a naturally lower ABV of 5.5 per cent, vibrant tasting notes with a warm, aromatic lightness and a simple ingredient list, Ibiza Ice can be enjoyed as part of a balanced lifestyle.

Ibiza Ice is so proud of its carefully selected all-natural and premium ingredients that it is one of the few alcoholic drink brands to state these clearly on the label, so people know exactly what they’re drinking.