Hippy Fish

Hippy Fish (www.hippy-fish.com)  is a new, chilled out destination in Marylebone, offering the capital’s most premium, customisable poke bowls, in a stylish, global-inspired setting.

With a focus on quality, Hippy Fish source premium fresh sushi grade fish from experienced suppliers from around the world, with sustainability at the forefront of the venue’s ethos. With daily deliveries, Hippy Fish looks to serve bowls, which are fresh and packed full of the flavour of the sea.

Whilst the kitchen draws inspiration from the original Hawaiian poke, the menu has been designed with a focus on innovative creations and a ‘hippy’ philosophy. Hippy Fish goes beyond the traditional poke bowl offering, marking the evolution in London’s burgeoning poke restaurant scene.

Using seasonal ingredients from across the globe, Hippy Fish will serve the UK’s most premium poke with the first ever Black Caviar & Lobster Poke bowl. In addition, the menu will offer a selection of other innovative offerings, including antioxidant-rich, detoxifying black rice, and organic poached chicken, unabashedly ‘playing’ with the poke concept to create something truly bespoke.

Part of the fast paced, casual London dining scene Hippy Fish is a chilled-out haven for shoppers, the perfect ‘fit-fam’ pit-stop, a go-to lunch spot for those lucky enough to be local and a delicious destination for food fanatics who care about the best, sustainable ingredients. This is a new dimension in fast food: fresh, flavoursome and bespoke to personal preferences, dietary and health requirements.

Reminiscent of a hippy beach shack, this new restaurant will channel laid-back beach culture and relaxed healthy living around the world, where guests can sit counter-style on high wicker chairs or enjoy a more leisurely experience at the bespoke banquette booths. The comfortable interiors incorporate natural materials, such as timber and rustic driftwood with warm pendant lighting, leafy plants, cacti and welcoming, knowledgeable staff.